Week3 : 7580QCA Design lab practice

by Gabriella Wilson

Here is a week 3 of design lab pratice journal, I was really exicted while we making a discussion how design affect through our society. It such a good thing to know that design is in everything nowsaday and not even a designer can create new things, it also represent on people who have non-design background and even animals they also create something which can provide effects to human as well.

First of all, we are beginning with a dicussion of what we have read on Naomi Klein article. And how it affects to our society and What are good things?. So her articles is about “climate change” and how design could be help to change our world.

Making a discussion of climate change (by Naomi Klein article)

During we are in break out group. In group 2 we are using a Miro board to make a brainstroming idea which is really useful platform for discussing. We have make a lot on unexpect perspective and it could help us to learn from each other.

Moreover, there are some design lab case study where their concepts are making a sustainablity idea, innovation and integration with a variety of skills.

Group 2 Miro board of making a discussion of design lab case study

In the end of the class, we are focusing on our group assignment which is focusing on the problem of “ fashion waste” but unfortunately this is a last week for Tanya. Hopefully she will get through her workload.

See you next semester Tanya. Have a good one

Here is our week 3 journal of design lab pratice

  • Climate change Naomi Klein p25–52
  • Artefact seattle (Design lab)
  • Group mapping on Miro

Cheers and stay safe !

Chayanon Chaidach (Pay)



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