Week 2 : 7524QCA Prototyping

by Vincent Moug

Throwing back to week 1 of Prototyping class lecture by Vince, An introduction have been reminds to what we going to do in each week, During week 2 class Vince explains how can we using our sketch idea to make a schematic design for prototying by a various way such as laser cutting, 3d modeling software and etc.

Actually, the main idea of prototyping class is design by research, we are not trying to find the solution in the early of process but we keep on track to discover and define the problem then we try to find out of those problems in terms of analize and keep in dept of that problem. In fact, after we have defined and we understand of what, when, why and how it going to work with user, it is much make sense to develop and deliver our idea into the right track.

In details, this process can help us reduce cost of production and time as well which the way of how design thinking works.

Furthermore, the other way to help designer represent an idea is “3D modeling” . There are so many ways to create 3d model such as using a cheap materials (paper,cardboard,etc.) explore a various techniques which might bring the new idea for prototyping.

Anyway, before we skip to this process. We have to set up the major problem (in our society) to define and discover that problem in deep. The useful process of discovery those problem is “Brainstroming”, We have set up group of students in class to do a brainstroming ideas of what is the problems that we facing in nowadays and trying to explore in details of each topic.

Here is what we have learnt during week 2 of prototyping class

  • Solid work (software)
  • Mapping idea
  • Prototyping techniques

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