T1Y2 : Week 6 Presentation time !

Design research method

Let’s having fun with our research presentation !

Let’s have a look of my overall presentation.

Overall of my presentation : Due to assessment project I — 3/9/21

For the marking critieria with based on

  • Understand the role and significance of research, and its ethical considerations, within design practice; 20%
  • Apply research-led practice and terminology in verbal, visual and written form to clearly articulate research aims and outcomes (including in-text citations and referencing) 20%
  • Compare and evaluate the wider influences and key texts within design practice; 20%
  • Critically evaluate and apply appropriate research methods and methodologies to plan, process and execute a research project; 20%
  • Engage in iterative and critical reflection, analysis, interpretation, and synthesis of a research project to completion; 20%

List of important research topic

  • Background/Context: What do you want to research? What is your position in this project? What is the context for your project?
  • Research significance: Why is this topic significant? Research question/s: Propose a research question to guide your practice-based investigation.
  • Research aims and objectives: Propose the research aims that you will explore in rigorous and systematic depth, in both your studio and theoretical work. You must include a description of the anticipated outcomes of your project — e.g., briefly describe your proposed interactive, visual, product, immersive, or spatial outcome.
  • Key texts, ideas and theory related to your topic: Briefly discuss the key ideas and theory related to your topic, that inform your studio-based research project. Demonstrate that you are well informed of others working in a similar area. It is important that you critically evaluate your project with reference to the work of others, both practitioners and theoreticians. These must be appropriately referenced.
  • Primary and/or secondary research methodologies and methods: Discuss your proposed methodology/ies and proposed methods of data collection: Demonstrate evidence of preliminary research, understanding, and application of select research methods according to individual research interests.
  • Practice-based studio methodology and methods: Demonstrate individuality and judgement in dealing with subject specialist interests. What specific methods/ steps will you undertake in the studio/ making process to achieve this?
  • Critical evaluation and reflection of your project: Providing an opportunity to reflect on your work and progress. What have you achieved so far? What issues have you encountered? What areas need to be improved upon? What are potential future issues you can foresee in your research? This should also include a Preliminary Timeline to Completion of your project. The timeline will continue to be refined through the trimester.

Master of design project I

Flow chart of research process

Have a look for more case studies !

Case studies of pool products catagory





Background Interior designer Passionate in "Lives,Love and Peace"

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Chayanon Chaidach

Chayanon Chaidach

Background Interior designer Passionate in "Lives,Love and Peace"

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